This is US

Treasure huntin, Vintage trailer lovin, curators of experiences and parents to 5 amazing humans.... It all started when Cam proposed to Carin.... we'll actually even before he had proposed, they had been scouring the thrift shops of San Fran looking for vintage treasures for their wedding "in case" he proposed that weekend! (Cheeky girl huh?)  

So he did propose, and thus the journey began of creating the most magical wedding the Pemberton Valley had ever witnessed!  

Cam and Carin quickly realized that they were somewhat obsessed with finding beautiful things and that they didn't want to stop once they were married! 

Guests at their wedding were blown away with the attention to detail, the curation of experiences, the originality and creativity.  When they heard over and over that it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL and MEMORABLE wedding people had ever been to, the deal was sealed and Whisteria Design and Rental was born.  Bringing together Carin's 21 years of designing magical early childhood education facilities, as well as being a professional photographer and a lifelong thrifter have given her the knowledge of the industry and meticulous attention to visuals and details that make the magic happen.  And Cam.... well he says that playing football and college baseball were all leading towards this moment of becoming head sherpa and chauffeur of pretty things.... Carin says don't let him fool you, he's got a wicked sense of taste and brings the old school class and art of manliness to our sets like the Barry White Lounge.  They'd love to hear your vision for your event and custom curate some magic for you!