Dressing the Thanksgiving Table with FLAIR!

It's that time again for getting our turkey pants on! Mine happen to be sexy pleather ones btw... They look great and stretch for a third helping every time! Now if you're gonna rock some pleather jeggings, you MUST have a standout #thanksgivingtablesetting ! Here's some tips to make it as memorable as my outfit...

1. PICK 3 COMMON ELEMENTS - This can be colour, texture, material or theme. Stick to these 3 elements as a baseline to draw the look together.

Our 3 Common Elements were: Shades of Amber, vintage tableware and Fall Nature

2. BE CREATIVE! - Mix and Match within the elements. Create a #thanksgivingcenterpiece that incorporates different textures, heights, and plays of light and reflection.

Our timeless feel was created by using vintage elements interspersed with modern. The play of light and reflection on the mirror and cascading heights offers visual intrigue and a sense of play

3. ADD ONE FOCAL ELEMENT - For us it was this funkadelic #turkeyplatter ! We bought it at the Lions Club garage sale last week. Proceeds went to the #squamishhospicesociety and we found a platter that we are obsessed with. WIN WIN!

Gobble Gobble Baby!


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5. BE THANKFUL. So much to be thankful for....

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