Not yo Grandma's Chesterfield

Sometimes you need to take chances... Sure we could choose to go to Wayfair and order the perfect #ontrend yarmouth chaise lounge, but would that #evoke nostalgia? Create a sense of experience? Perhaps it would, and we're not knocking Wayfair, but we strive to create #experiences... to evoke nostalgia, to add a sense of fun and talking points to all of the sets that we create at #whisteriadesignandrental .

It all starts with a focal point.

And when you find something as SPECTACULAR as this piece, you absolutely MUST make it part of a funky set!

We saw this Chesterfield (because calling it a sofa just doesn't do it justice) and already envisioned the retro vibe that we could curate based on this piece. Next we found the perfect #retroaccessories .

A nut tray? Come on! We were dying while we styled this! How #nostalgic is that?

And you've gotta have cassettes to create the mood... Which would you put on? We voted for a little #zamfir to chill to

Then you put all this awesomeness together, and you have a perfect, #retro #viplounge, a #groovelounge for any event, wedding, bachelor party, fundraiser... your own house... (you laugh, but we'd do it!)

How sexy is this #outdoorlounge ? I'm pretty partial to the guy on the sofa too!

On a side note, Cam read in #fleamarkethomeandliving that to get better deals while thrift shopping one should have a dapper thrifting outfit....We'll keep you posted if that works!

And of course, we've got to try out all of our sets to get the #whisteriadesign stamp of approval!

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