Wedding Design - Hiring a wedding designer is very New York, but hey why not B.C? We would create a cohesive design plan the brings you and your fiancé to life with personal touches, experiences and that evokes your dream wedding. We can work in conjunction with wedding planners to take care of EVERY last design and décor detail so all you have to do is show up and bath it all in. Custom quote provided


$125 - Per Hour

Wedding Design Package (Priced Per Hour)

  • Please follow the checkout procedure to send us a wish list of the items you're interested in.  At checkout, you will NOT  be charged anything but we will receive your list.  We will create a custom quote for you within 2 business days and email it to you.  We have MANY items not yet loaded onto the site as we are continually adding treasures to our collections.  If you have an idea, or are looking for something specific, just ask!